A Month of  Celebrating Sofia Khan is not Obliged and Reading with CityRead London


Sofia Khan is not Obliged was chosen as this year's CityRead book, turning London into one big interactive reading group. (Did you take part? Click here to let me know how you found it.)

Not only was it rather satisfying to have a book that was published almost four years ago now rejuvenated, but that this time we celebrated a hijabi Muslim (non-oppressed and non-terrorist) heroine in literature.

All kinds of brilliant events were organised around the themes of the book and I wanted to share some of my event highlights. Check out the slideshow below for more. . .

Launch Party

The British Library

It all kicked off at The British Library, which hosted this year's launch for CityReads and Sofia Khan. There were books, there were speeches, a dramatic reading by the talented Anjli Mohindra, and, of course, pictures. (There I am posing with Andy Ryan, CEO and founder of CityReads.)

Lord Tope helped host and I'm glad to tell you that the reader demographic for Sofia Khan has expanded and now also includes older, white men (who, by the way,  are telling me how much they enjoyed it).

Sorry I didn't manage to get a picture of Lord Tope but in case you're curious about my new reading demographic, click here.

Ayisha Malik British Library